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Quinnipiac in LA is a year-round internship program, providing opportunities for our undergraduate and graduate students to experience living and working in Los Angeles. Below are answers to some frequently-asked questions about the program. For further details, email QuinnipiacInLA@quinnipiac.edu.

What is Quinnipiac in LA?
Beginning in summer of 2014, QU in LA will provide an opportunity to experience the unique environment that is Los Angeles, while pursuing a professional internship and earning academic credit.  

Why should I participate?
To maximize your competitive advantage in the marketplace, internships provide the training, networking, and experience that employers seek.  In addition, living, working and studying in LA will expand your horizons and give you a national perspective. Experiential learning with industry professionals provides you with an understanding of your selected industry that reaches well beyond the classroom. Gain valuable work experience, create lasting industry relationships and network with alumni, all while enjoying the climate, culture and life in sunny Southern California.

When can I go?
QU in LA makes it possible for you to arrange an internship beginning in the summer of 2014. A full semester opportunity combining internships with courses taught by Quinnipiac professors, will be available beginning the fall semester of 2014 and beyond.
How do I obtain an internship in LA?
QU in LA is building relationships with a number of companies in different industries, which may serve as a starting place for your search for an internship. Keep in mind that students are responsible for obtaining their own internships. View a list of companies in LA that offer internships.

Who is eligible?
Undergraduate students: All students who will have a minimum of 57 credits by the start date of the internship are eligible to apply, depending upon their chosen academic discipline. Students must be in good academic standing according to the specific requirements of their individual school, have a minimum 3.0 grade point average and have no existing or pending conduct sanctions.  

Graduate students: All graduate students should speak with their program director to determine their eligibility for the Quinnipiac in Los Angeles program.

How do I talk to my parents about QU in LA?
Include your parents in the decision-making process. Discuss with them the fact that it is recognized that internships have become important to obtaining your first job. 

QU in LA will arrange for housing at the Oakwood Worldwide and provide on-site staff to assist students in their transition.

Employers are actively seeking students who have successfully completed at least one internship, and have acquired the broadest possible skills and knowledge during their undergraduate career. Los Angeles is a hub of international trade and culture, with a thriving legal and business community, a large non-profit and charitable sector, a broad array of cultural activity, and of course Hollywood. 

Keep your parents informed about how your Los Angeles internship will boost your academic standing, as well as your competitiveness in the marketplace.

What does the program cost?
Please review the estimated costs for the semester you're interested in attending QU in LA:
  • Summer 2014
  • Fall 2014 
  • Spring 2015
What should I do about health insurance when I am in Los Angeles?
When off campus and out of state while attending the Quinnipiac University in Los Angeles program, we strongly encourage you to contact your insurance carrier to confirm you will be covered for services rendered, beyond emergent and urgent cases. If you are enrolled in an HMO or high-deductible plan, you should be aware that you may be responsible  for significant out-of-pocket expenses.

Where do I start?
1. Check your eligibility with your academic adviser
2. Speak with your parents about the program
3. Speak to your school representative:
4. Apply to the program 
5. Start looking for an internship

Where can my professor submit a letter of recommendation for my application?
For professors who wish to send their letter of recommendation in directly, please ask them to email it to careerdevelopment@quinnipiac.edu. We will upload to your account on QUCC and you can apply with it.

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