I am an Associate Professor of English, entering my seventh year at Quinnipiac University. My teaching interests vary widely: from The Composition of Identity (EN 101) and EN 102 Honors (an evolving course I call "CybeRhetorics"), to the History, Theory and Practice of the Personal Essay (EN206), to The History of Rhetoric (EN305. studentsI also teach QU 101, ("The Individual in Community")and QU 301, ("The Individual in Global Community". Since 2006 I have been devoting my teaching and service responsibilties to Creativity at QU. I regularly teach a Poetry Workshop. I also advise the Montage Literary and Artistic Magazine, along with its yearly Creativity Festival. In the fall of 2007, I founded the "QUILL!" (Quinnipiac University Ignites Lyric Life!)--a weekly open mic event where students can come to listen to and perform music and poetry in both original and derived forms. Since 2002, I have been deeply involved in QUWAC (Quinnipiac University's Writing Across the Curriculum) through which I have trained faculty and staff in using writing to advance critical and creative thinking. I have also helped to conceive and direct the QUWAC Conferences of 2006 and this Fall's 2008 conference--https://www.quinnipiac.edu/x1049.xml I serve on many and varied committees with my dedicated and diligent colleagues. My research interests are presently focused on Writing Across the Curriculum and its presence in Computer Science with my colleague Professor Mark Hoffman, Professor of Computer Science. I am married to Annie Burke, Associate Professor of Biology at Wesleyan University, and we are raising two daughters, ClydaJane and ZoeAnn, 12 and 9 years old.