Carrie A. Bulger

Carrie A. Bulger

Professor of Psychology
Chairperson - Psychology

BA, University of Minnesota-Morris; MA, PhD, University of Connecticut

Center for Comm.&Engineer LA  101


PS 309History of Psychology   -   Spring 2015
PS 409Senior Seminar in Psychology   -   Spring 2015


I earned my PhD in Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology from the University of Connecticut. I joined the Quinnipiac faculty in August 2000. In addition to teaching courses in I-O psychology, I am the current Chair of the Department of Psychology and the Coordinator of the I-O Psychology Concentration. My research interests are related to employee attitudes and well-being. In particular, I am interested in understanding the ways in which people’s lives at work and outside of work interact, both positively and negatively. Outside of the Department of Psychology, I teach QU 101 The Individual in the Community.

Research Interests

Although I broadly state that my research interests are related to employee attitudes and well-being, my actual research projects have focused on particular issues. Most recently, my attention has been on the interaction between work and non-work and the resulting positive and negative effects that interaction has for working people. I am particularly interested in how technology has affected the interaction between work and non-work as well as in understanding how the interaction between work and non-work changes (or not) as we age. In addition to work/non-work I have studied sexual harassment, attitudes toward affirmative action, and participation in labor unions.

Courses Taught

Most of the courses I teach are those in the I-O Psychology Concentration. So, I regularly teach Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Advanced Personnel Psychology, and Advanced Organizational Psychology. I have been fortunate to have been able to teach special topics courses during my time here at QU. One course, Diversity Issues in Workplace Psychology, was focused on employment laws and the experiences of people of diverse backgrounds in the workplace. And, I was able to turn my new passion for understanding employee health and well-being into a course in Occupational Health Psychology. Because strong quantitative skills are important for I-O psychologists, I have also devoted some of my teaching time to our course Introduction to Statistics in Psychology. Other courses I have taught include Introduction to Psychology, QU 101, and Senior Seminar in Psychology.

Curriculum Vitae

Honors & Awards

I am proud to say that in October 2005, I was awarded one of three Excellence in Teaching awards for the year.

Important links

This is the website for SIOP, the primary organizational affiliation for most I-O psychologists. SIOP is Division 14 of the American Psychological Association. The website has a lot of great information for students and others about I/O psychology.

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

SOHP was formed in 2006 to promote research, practice, education and training in Occupational Health Psychology. I am currently the Chair of the Education and Training Committee.

Society for Occupational Health Psychology


Significant Administrative Duties

2010-present: Chair, Department of Psychology 2000-present: Coordinator, Industrial/Organizational Psychology Concentration