Around the World

At Quinnipiac, we're focused on creating informed, global citizens.

Our QU 301 seminars—required for every student—focus on the global community. In these seminars, students learn about the political, social, cultural, ecological and economic systems that shape global communities. They explore their role as citizens of these global communities and examine cultural values and identity in the context of various religious belief systems.

Many students elect to spend a semester, year or mini-term abroad. Through classes, contact with local people and the experience of a different culture, study abroad can be a life-changing experience for Quinnipiac students.

Each year, students travel abroad during school breaks to take part in humanitarian service projects, organized by the Albert Schweitzer Institute. Undergraduates can choose an "alternative spring break" and spend a week in Nicaragua, helping build houses and a variety of other hands-on service projects. Law students have traveled to Nicaragua and Guatemala to offer their expertise on pressing legal and humanitarian issues in those countries.

Business students run a microloan program in Nicaragua, awarding small grants to local entrepreneurs to help launch or expand small businesses. The University also maintains strong business ties in Hungary and Poland through the Central European Institute. Students in our MBA program have the opportunity to spend two weeks in Hungary as part of an executive study program where they learn about international business practices.

The University supports the efforts of The Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program (ADF), a scholar exchange program that supports short-term faculty exchange fellowships for African-born academics based in the United States and Canada to collaborate on teaching, curriculum, research and graduate training and mentoring.

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