Faculty Senate

Quinnipiac University is a community concerned with the creation, preservation and transmission of knowledge. The Faculty Senate and its committees represent the faculty in the accomplishment of these objectives.

Faculty Senate Membership 2013-14

Chair: Stephen Straub
Vice chair
: Paul LoCasto

College of Arts and Sciences:
Jill Fehleison 2012-2014
Paul LoCasto 2013-2015
Jill Martin 2013-2015

School of Business:

Mary Meixell 2012-2014
Chad Nehrt 2013-2015

School of Communications:

Raymond Foery 2013-2015
John Gourlie 2012-2014

School of Education:

Mordechai Gordon 2012-2014

School of Health Sciences:

Salvador Bondoc 2013-2015
Christian Eggers 2013-2015
David Wallace 2012-2014

School of Law:

Bill Dunlap 2012-2014

School of Medicine:
Richard Gonzalez 2013-2015
Thomas Murray 2012-2014

School of Nursing:

Nicholas Nicholson 2013-2014
Celeste Yanni 2013-2015


Anat Biletzki 2013-2014
Lisa Burns 2012-2014
Kathy Cooke 2013-2015
Robert Smart 2013-2015
Stephen Straub 2013-2015

Constance Cranos 2013-2014
Ken Venit (alternate) 2013-2014

Term Faculty:
Michael Stone

Faculty rep to board:
Kathy Cooke 2012-2014

Executive vice president and provost:
Mark Thompson

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