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AC 402Accounting Internship
ANE 500Medical Terminology
ANE 501Ethics and professionalism in Health Care
ANE 503Introduction to Clinical Anesthesia
ANE 510Anesthesia Laboratory I
ANE 520Physical and Chemical Principles of Anesthesia
ANE 550Anesthesia Delivery Systems
ANE 560Principles of Airway Management
ANE 594Clinical Anesthesia III
BMS 572Pathogenic Microbiology
BMS 575Food Microbiology
BMS 581Receptors and Regulatory Mechanisms
CAR 295Career Practicum
COM 301Communications Career Practicum
COM 490Internship
COM 491Advanced Internship
ENR 490Engineering Internship
ENT 488Entrepreneurship Internship
ICM 501Theories of Interactive Media
ICM 502Visual Design
ICM 505Interactive Techniques
ICM 506Writing for Interactive Media
ICM 508Media Production
ICM 512User Centered Design
ICM 522Social Media Concepts and Practice
ICM 524Social Media and Web Analytics
ICM 526Community Management
ICM 531Graduate Internship
ICM 552Internet Ethics & Policy
ICM 590Project Planning
ICM 601Master's Capstone
IDD 490Internship
JRN 531Graduate Internship
NUR 424Care of Adults with Complex Health Needs II
NUR 425Adult Care Practicum II
NUR 510Beginning Spanish for Health Care Professionals
NUR 517Human Anatomy for the Nurse Anesthetist
NUR 517LHuman Anatomy for the Nurse Anesthetist Lab
NUR 637Clinical Fellowship
OT 655Professional Seminar
OT 656Critical Inquiry of Scholarship II
PA 502Medical Terminology: Advanced
PA 511Human Microscopic Anatomy
PA 512Human Anatomy
PA 515Human Physiology
PA 520Autopsy Pathology I
PA 523Surgical Pathology I
PA 526Biomedical Photography
PA 535Disease Mechanisms
PR 514Special Topics in Cardiovascular Perfusion
PR 600Clinical Practicum I
PRR 531Graduate Internship in Public Relations
PRR 602Public Relations Research Thesis
PT 520Pathophysiology I
PT 523Applied Pharmacology I
PT 529Musculoskeletal II
PT 529LMusculoskeletal II Lab
PT 531Acute Care and Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy I
PT 531LAcute Care Cardiopulmonary Lab I
PT 569Education/Community Health and Wellness
PY 501Human Physiology
PY 501LPhysiology Lab
PY 503Principles of Interviewing
PY 507Principles of Electrocardiography
PY 507LEKG Lab
PY 508Diagnostic Methods I
PY 508LDiagnostic Methods Lab
PY 515Clinical Pathology
PY 517Human Anatomy
PY 517LHuman Anatomy Lab
PY 526Principles of Epidemiology
PY 546Ethics in Health Care Delivery
PY 608Graduate Seminar
PY 608LGraduate Seminar Lab
PY 611Clinical Residency I
PY 612Clinical Residency II
PY 613Clinical Residency III
PY 676Comprehensive Examination
RA 505Clinical Pharmacology I
RA 517Human Anatomy
RA 517LHuman Anatomy Lab
RA 520Radiation Safety and Health Physics
RA 551Clinical Seminar II
RA 571Radiologist Assistant Clinical II
RS 320Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation
RS 480Medical Sonography Clinic I
RS 497Directed Studies in Diagnostic Imaging
SB 188Business Internship
SO 392Internship in the Community