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AC 211Financial Accounting
AC 212Managerial Accounting
AC 402Accounting Internship
AN 102(UC) Bones, Genes, and Everything In Between: Introduction to Biological Anthropology
AT 214Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
BIO 102(UC) General Biology II
BIO 102L(UC) General Biology Lab II
BIO 212Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO 212LAnatomy and Physiology II Lab
BMS 330Endocrinology
BMS 502Research Methods
BMS 525Vaccines and Vaccine Preventable Diseases
CAR 295Career Practicum
CHE 111(UC) General Chemistry II
CHE 111L(UC) General Chemistry II Lab
CHE 211Organic Chemistry II
CHE 211LOrganic Chemistry II Lab
CIS 484Information Systems Internship
CIS 675Research in Information Systems
CIS 691Information Technology Capstone
CJ 333Drugs, Alcohol and Society (SO 333)
COM 301Communications Career Practicum
COM 302Communications Career Practicum II
COM 490Internship
DR 101(UC) Understanding Theater
DR 181(UC) Improvisational Acting
EC 111(UC) Principles of Microeconomics
EC 112(UC) Principles of Macroeconomics
EC 271Applied Statistical Methods
EC 641Money and Banking
ED 558Elementary School Science: Content and Pedagogy
ED 575Teacher Discourse: Language and Communication Issues in the Elementary Classroom
EDL 503Leading the Instructional Program to Improve Student Learning
EDL 509Leading School Improvement
EDL 601Leading and Managing the Contemporary School
EDL 613Public School Finance
EN 250(UC) Survey of English Literature II
ENR 490Engineering Internship
ENT 488Entrepreneurship Internship
FIN 380Intermediate Corporate Finance
FIN 488Finance Internship
HM 660Human Resource Management in Health Care Administration
HS 111(UC) The Rise of the West
HSC 375Clinical Immunology
HSC 378Vaccines and Vaccine Preventable Diseases
HSC 397Prehealth Professions Clinical Affiliation
IB 488International Business Internship
IB 623International Business Negotiation
LW 121Business Law and Society
MA 140(UC) Pre-Calculus
MG 211Operations Management
MG 260Power & Politics of Leadership
MG 300Special Topics
MG 488Management Internship
MK 201Marketing Principles
MK 488Marketing Internship
MK 495Biomedical Marketing Internship
MK 600Managing Customers and Markets
MK 616Digital Marketing
MU 130(UC) Understanding Music
NUR 380Health Promotion and Wellness
NUR 432Contemporary Issues and Roles in Nursing
NUR 433Capstone Practicum
NUR 434LCapstone Seminar Lab
NUR 440LHolistic Nursing Integration Lab IV
NUR 605Clinical Practice Immersion
OL 610The Power and Politics of Communication
OL 682Employment Law for the Non-Lawyer
OL 687Strategic Planning for Public Service Organizations
OL 690Leadership Consulting Capstone
OT 210Therapeutic Use of Self (SL: Service Learning)
OT 212Group Leadership (SL: Service Learning)
OT 500Fieldwork Level II
OT 602Practice Trends in Occupational Therapy
PHY 111(UC) General Physics II
PHY 111L(UC) General Physics II Lab
PL 222Bioethics
PO 332European Politics
PRR 101Principles of Public Relations
PS 101(UC) Introduction to Psychology
PS 232(UC) The Concept of Personality and Its Development
QU 201(UC) National Community
QU 301(UC) Global Community
SB 185Personal Finance
SB 188Business Internship
SCI 161(UC) Nutrition: An Investigative Experience
SO 225(UC) Social Problems
SO 307Sociology of Sport (SPS 307)
SO 333Drugs, Alcohol and Society
SP 102Elementary Spanish II
SPED 545Introduction to the Exceptional Child
STR 620Technology and Innovation Management
SW 507Human Behavior in the Social Environment II: Issues of Diversity and Oppression
SW 509Interprofessional Education (IPE) Option
SW 609Interprofessional Education (IPE) Option