PO 362 - Presidential Election Campaigns (SL: Service Learning)
(4 cr.) This advanced 4-credit seminar combines intensive campaigning fieldwork and academic study of presidential campaigns and electoral processes. Throughout the seminar, students evaluate the emerging efforts to reform the electoral process and the campaign financing system, analyze new techniques of communication and persuasion, learn about the historical and theoretical roots of the current presidential nomination and election process, the roots of voter behavior and psychology, research emerging new campaign management techniques, and the practical essentials of grassroots activism. In the first weeks, students select a presidential campaign or grassroots advocacy organization, and then are required to engage in an intensive internship for approximately 15 days in residence at the New Hampshire primary. Students are required to pay a course fee to cover the cost of the class residency in New Hampshire. Two field trips occur during the semester from Friday to Sunday, and some of the residency occurs during the January term. Prerequisite: PO 131 or QU 201; Every Third Year, Fall

Fall 2015