HSC 310 - Health Care Delivery: A Systems Approach
(3 cr.) This course introduces students to the delivery of health care in the U.S. and how the environment in which it is provided can be influential to both service providers and consumers. With focus on health provision as a systems-based entity, students gain exposure to various models of service delivery (acute care, subacute care, outpatient care, community-based care), appreciate the history and most-current projections for health care delivery in the future, barriers and supports to effective health care access and costs as well as critique of quality on an international level. A required component (25 hours per semester) provides students with an appropriate context for applying concepts shared in class as they relate to advocacy, responsible citizenship, diversity awareness and interdisciplinary service provision within a chosen context. Faculty from various disciplines within the School of Health Sciences serve as mentors to guide small group, semester-long assessment and reflection of the service learning experience that culminates in a professional presentation at the annual Health Sciences Interprofessional Poster Session event. Every Other Year, Spring

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