HSC 204 - Interprofessional Community-Based Service Learning Seminar: Young Adult (SL: Service Learning)
(1 cr.) The Interprofessional Community-Based Service Learning Seminar course has 8-10 hours of community experience component during which the student is able to observe and apply the concepts of wellness and safety education and program implementation in a community-based service setting. The community experience is supervised by faculty with expertise in the analysis of community-based practice and the focus of learning activities for students to be engaged as active learners. This community component will provide both lecture/discussion and service learning related to the impact working with population health in the local community. Students will work interprofessionally to apply the concepts of health, wellness and/or safety education to develop and implement a community-based service learning project for young adults. The classroom/service learning schedules will be determined. Every Year, All

Summer 1 2014