HSC 225 - Writing in the Health Professions
(3 cr.) This course reviews different aspects of written communication in the health science professions. Beginning with a review of general mechanics of good writing, students examine published samples from various health science disciplines. Based on answers taken from a patient's history, students rate the patient's level of health literacy and then compose a written tool to educate that patient about his or her health condition. Next, students learn how to best find reliable medical information through valid online resources and apply those references to the writing of a case study about the patient. This course is designed for BMS and SSTDY (health science studies) students. Prerequisite: 1 group; BIO 101, BIO 102, EN 101, EN 102; BIO 150, BIO 151, EN 101, EN 102; BIO 211, BIO 212, EN 101, EN 102; Every Year, Spring and Summer Online

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