HSC 270 - Pillars of Public Health: Saving the World on a Population Level
(3 cr.) This course defines the concept of public health, examining its foundations and historical context. Students learn about the relationship between public health and infectious diseases, including the classical epidemiology that founded the field. The course addresses the six public health foundational areas: biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, sociomedical science, health policy and management, and population and family health. Additional topics include the biomedical basis of public health, some historical developments of public health, the relationship between public health and medicine (and other fields such as engineering and politics), the future challenges to public health, and an introduction to special topics in public health including: HIV/TB/Malaria, emerging infectious diseases, global health and careers in public health. Prerequisite: BIO 102 or BIO 151; Every Year, Spring

Spring 2016