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Business education at Quinnipiac is distinctly different. Our outstanding faculty, many with industry experience, provides real world classroom experiences of the highest quality. Small classes from freshmen through senior year, provide students with a consistent supportive and stimulating learning environment. As a Quinnipiac business student you will get to know your faculty and your peers.

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Engineers seek to change the world for the better. At Quinnipiac we are educating future engineers so they can truly do that! The challenges of the 21st century for both the US and the world are great, but for an engineer they offer exciting challenges and a world of possibilities. Our programs are aimed at developing creative problem solvers, who learn math, science, and engineering fundamentals so that they can apply them. Our emphasis on application, hands on learning, and learning by doing all in a small class setting will prepare our graduates to successfully enter the workforce or pursue further education.

Undergraduate majors:

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