While students spend most of their time studying on campus in Hamden, there are plenty of opportunities for students in the School of Communications to study, work, intern or experience beyond our campus boundaries.

Starting with internships and studying abroad, students have the opportunity to work, study, and travel in places like New York City, South Africa or Florence, Italy. Whatever a student decides, Quinnipiac University and the School of Communications support their interest in a diverse educational experience for further personal and professional growth.

First, our internship and career practicum program encourages students to pursue opportunities in industries and organizations all over the country. There are even special internship opportunities in other countries like South Africa. The University's Office of Multicultural and Global Education, students can explore coursework and various cultural experiences by studying abroad in countries like Ireland, Spain, Costa Rica, Australia, Italy and China, to name a few.

Hamden is centrally located. We're 20 minutes from New Haven, 30 minutes from Hartford, 90 minutes from New York City and two hours from Boston, so there are endless opportunities for students just a train or bus ride away.

Students in the School of Communications are constantly challenged and encouraged to pursue opportunities beyond Quinnipiac to reach their educational and career goals.

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