Minor in Scriptwriting

The scriptwriting minor, designed for undergraduate students who are not majors in the School of Communications, consists of a survey course in communications (MSS 101), a hands-on video production course (FVI 105 or 210), a media history course (MSS 220), a film theory course (FVI 340) and three courses in the art and craft of writing the screenplay (FVI 372, FVI 494 and FVI 495). On completion, this minor can result in the authorship of a full-length screenplay of the student's invention.

This minor is not available to students majoring in the School of Communications.

Minor Requirements (19 credits):
MSS 101 Media Industries and Trends (3 credits)
FVI 105 Video Essentials (3 credits)
or FVI 210 Fundamentals of Production I
MSS 220 Media History (3 credits)
FVI 340 Analysis of the Moving Image (3 credits)
FVI 372 Scriptwriting (3 credits)
FVI 494 Senior Project Colloquy (1 credit)
FVI 495 Senior Project--Scriptwriting (3 credits)

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