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BA in Public Relations

Our mission of the public relations major is to prepare entry-level practitioners for careers in agency, corporate, government and nonprofit public relations. The program emphasizes research, writing, campaigns, speaking and service learning.

The program focuses on helping students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to manage the relationships between an organization and its publics.

Among the most important proficiencies stressed in the program are critical thinking and reasoning so that graduates can be more than just communicators. They can be counselors to their employers and clients.

Your studies at Quinnipiac prepare you thoroughly for your future. Students take required courses such as PR Writing, PR Research and PR Campaigns, and also choose electives such as Non-Profit Public Relations, Agency Management, Sports Event Planning, Political Communication or Video Essentials.

We also require our PR students to choose from a variety of minors outside the School of Communications. All students must complete a core curriculum, an interdisciplinary foundation in the humanities, science and business. Because the written word figures prominently in your career, we place special emphasis on writing skills through our Writing Across the Curriculum program.

BA in Public Relations Curriculum + Requirements

Public Relations Major Requirements (45 credits):

Course Title Credits
Required School of Communications core courses (12 credits)
MSS 101* Media Industries and Trends 3
JRN 160* Introduction to Media Writing 3
MSS 220* Media History 3
MSS 340 Communications Law and Policy 3
Other required communications courses (18 credits)
PRR 101 Principles of Public Relations 3
PRR 201 Public Relations Writing 3
PRR 332 Public Relations Research 3
PRR 450 Senior Seminar 3
PRR 495 Public Relations Campaigns 3
COM 490 Internship 3
Electives—select two (6 credits)
PRR 311 Sports Public Relations 3
PRR 341 Corporate Public Relations 3
PRR 343 Nonprofit Public Relations 3
PRR 344 International Public Relations 3
PRR 345 Investor Relations 3
PRR 346 Health Care Public Relations 3
PRR 400 Special Topics 3
Other courses with chair's approval
Open electives (9 credits)
Any three School of Communications electives 9

*must be completed by the end of sophomore year with a minimum B- average

Minor in Public Relations

Students wishing to minor in public relations must complete 18 credits:

  • PRR 101 Principles of Public Relations (3 credits)
  • JRN 160 Introduction to Media Writing (3 credits)
  • PRR 201 Public Relations Writing (3 credits)
  • Plus three School of Communications courses (electives) (9 credits)