Master of Science in Journalism

journalism students

The master of science in journalism program prepares students from all academic and professional backgrounds for careers in broadcast/multimedia news. The degree is offered through a blend of on campus and online courses.

The program is ideal for students who want to pursue careers in television, radio and online news media with an emphasis on visual and online reporting.

The program features training in the principles, tools, craft, history and ethics of contemporary journalism in the context of innovative approaches to reporting and presenting information via social media and other forms. Our goal is simple: promote knowledge, creativity and skill in service to a career described by television producer Matt Weiner as one that "smacks of adventure and intellect."

Through the MS in journalism program, students learn to:

  • Understand professional journalistic practices, ethical standards and technologies and be able to apply reason to develop ideas within these structures.
  • Analyze information based on journalistic practices of research, interviews and observation.
  • Evaluate information in determining the story's narrative structure and reach via social media and other applications.
  • Report and compose a story, either visual, multimedia or text, that informs, enlightens, entertains and is useful to the reader or audience within professional journalistic reporting and writing practices and ethical standards.

Quinnipiac also offers a master of science in sports journalism.

Those interested in pursuing the MS in Journalism should apply through Graduate Admissions.

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