The School of Health Sciences is committed to developing professionals through comprehensive career-oriented programs at the bachelor’s, master’s and clinical doctorate levels.

Undergraduate majors:
Athletic Training
Biomedical Sciences
Diagnostic Imaging
Health Science Studies
Microbiology and Immunology

Biomedical Sciences
Microbiology/Molecular Biology

BS degree completion program:
Health Science Studies (online)

Entry-level graduate programs:
Five-Year Master of Health Science concentration in Biomedical Sciences
Entry-Level Doctor of Physical Therapy (6- or 7-year degree)
BS in Athletic Training and Doctor of Physical Therapy (7-year degree)
Entry-Level Master of Occupational Therapy (5 1/2-year degree)
Entry-Level Master's Physician Assistant (6-year degree)

Master of Health Science (MHS):
Anesthesiologist Assistant
Cardiovascular Perfusion
Medical Laboratory Sciences (with concentrations in biomedical sciences and microbiology)
Pathologists' Assistant
Physician Assistant
Radiologist Assistant

Clinical doctorate programs:
Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
Occupational Therapy Doctorate (online)

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