The law library's collections, including more than 425,000 volumes in hard copy and microforms, are arranged mostly on two levels of "open stacks," where library patrons can walk right up to shelves housing library items or browse nearby library material.

The library also has an active serial collection of approximately 3,000 titles. The library's participation in the New England Law Library Consortium (NELLCO) expands the breadth of our holdings by offering interlibrary loan with other law schools in the Northeast.

Since 1979, the Law Library has served as a selective United States government depository, which means that the library has a variety of government documents in hard copy or in microform.

Main Level West
Basic Research Collection
Stacks 201a - 203a
Connecticut Collection
Stacks 203b - 207a
Federal Material Collection
Stacks 207b - 211b
Microform Collection
Room 216
Main Level East
Federal Reporter Collection
Stacks 212a - 222b
Lower Level West
Treatise Collection
Stacks 131a - 149b
Periodical Collection
Stacks 150a - 167a
Practising Law Institute (PL1) Collection
Stack 150a
Lower Level East
Regional Reporter Collection
Stacks 101a -110b
State Material Collection
Stacks 111b - 123a
Government Documents Collection
Stacks 128 a - 128 b

Microforms are a particular kind of physical format used to store photographic images of text consisting of microfiche (flat three inch by five inch sheets) and microfilm (reels of 35mm or 16 mm film). Microfiche and microfilm contain many pages of information in a relatively small amount of space. The Microforms Collection is located in Room LL 215 in the Law Library. This room contains the special equipment needed to read the pages stored in microforms format, to produce print copies of the pages, or to copy the pages into electronic files. Please ask a library staff member to assist you with using this collection.

The trend over the last several years has been for the GPO to move from distributing materials in print format to distributing materials in electronic format over the Internet. Although this trend will continue with more government materials being distributed exclusively in electronic format, the GPO still distributes a large number of important materials in the print format. In addition to the Government Documents Collection of print materials, the law library provides Internet access to government materials and assists patrons in locating these materials electronically.

Leisure Reading
The Leisure Reading Collection, located on the lower level at the library's south end, includes novels and books concerning current or historical events that have some relation to the law. Although the collection is not intended for extensive legal research, these books support the law school curriculum and add to library patrons' understanding of the legal context of literature, politics and history. The Leisure Reading area contains couches and easy chairs.

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