Our Mission

We seek to imbue our students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for competent and ethical service in the legal profession. Accordingly, we will strive--through rigorous classroom instruction and practical training in  lawyering skills--to educate attorneys who prepare carefully, think independently and creatively, reason critically, act with compassion and respect for others, and express themselves cogently, both orally and in writing. We will also strive to inspire our students to embrace the professional ethic of service and to appreciate the value of "practical wisdom."  To this end, we will work with our students to help them develop sound judgment and personal approaches that will help them to succeed in a changing world and to serve effectively as advocates, problem-solvers, and counselors.

We will also demonstrate our own commitment to professionalism and to the advancement of knowledge and justice, by engaging in scholarship that facilitates the understanding and just solution of complex problems and by providing service to governmental and public-interest agencies and to the community at large.  In addition, recognizing the important pedagogical benefits realized when an educational community is meaningfully diverse--and conscious of the role that law schools must play in helping diversify the legal profession--we will strive to maintain meaningful diversity in our student body and in our faculty and staff.

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