Association for Non-Traditional Students

The Association for Non-Traditional Students (ANTS) is dedicated to the growing number of law students who might be termed "non-traditional." This includes, but is not limited to, students who are also parents, students returning to school after significant non-academic experience, and students serving as caregivers for older parents or other adults.

Recognizing that non-traditional students are not all the same, ANTS has an organizational structure that allows for subgroups. Most active among these groups is PALS (Parents As Law Students), a group organized around the idea that families of law students may have some things in common besides being an exhausted parent.

ANTS works to provide its membership with opportunities for meaningful interaction outside of the more typical law student venues, allowing for family-friendly and educational events. ANTS works with other organizations to sponsor events having to do with topics like balancing work and life in the context both of legal education and in the greater context of life after law school.

2012-2013 Executive Board
President: James Fraguela

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