Community Oriented Programming and Education

COPE aims to interact with the surrounding community through education and outreach. Our mission is to provide education through service opportunities. As an institution of higher learning, it is important that QUSL maintain good relations with the surrounding community. As an organization, we plan to do this in two ways, the first being educational outreach, and the second through community-oriented service projects.

Educational Outreach
One of the major focuses of our educational outreach program will be to target high schools in the area and teach the students about issues pertaining to law and the legal field. Our newest project involves helping the students at Cheshire High School with their Mock Trial Competition, creating and teaching lessons for their Principles of Law class, and some potential Civics classes as well. Members of COPE will have the opportunity to guest lecture in classes at least a couple of times each during each semester. Currently, some members of the organization are creating the lesson plans for the upcoming semester.

Community-Oriented Projects
As per Student Bar Association requirements, each student organization must perform a minimum number of community service hours. As one of its primary functions, COPE aims to develop projects by forming connections with people and organizations in the surrounding community. This community ranges from faculty members, to members of the surrounding areas Bar Associations and more. Many student groups have already expressed the desire to implement certain projects but have not been able to fully develop them. COPE would provide assistance in order to help launch these projects. By establishing a lasting partnership with members in the community, it is the intent of our organization to expand the opportunities available to our students to participate in meaningful service projects for the benefit of all involved. Current members are working to form this network of contacts for future use by students of QUSL.

Executive Board for 2013-2014
President:  Marina Gagliardi
Vice President:  Katrina Cessna
Secretary:  William Toomer
Treasurer:  Matthew Snell
Outreach Coordinator:  Amy Zurlo

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