Intellectual Property Law Society

The Intellectual Property Society (IPS) serves the interests of those students who are interested in the traditional intellectual property practice areas of copyright and trademark and patent law, as well as those who want to learn more about technology, biomed law and cyber law.

Students meet to discuss recent developments in intellectual property law and to present programs to interested students on such topics as digital copyrights and piracy, publishing rights in the cyber age, and trademark infringement as unfair practice.

In conjunction with the school's intellectual property concentration, students have opportunities to explore preliminary review courses for the Patent Bar, and meet and greet partners at Connecticut IP firms, fellow QU alumni in the fields of patent and copyright/trademark law, and members of the Connecticut Bar Association's Intellectual Property Division.

For more information about the Intellectual Property Society, please contact Jason Balich, president, at or the group's faculty adviser John Morgan at

Executive Board for 2013-2014
President:  Laura Pollander
Vice President:  Giovanni D'Amico
Secretary:  Shellian Nicholson
Treasurer:  Lindsay Butler
Public Service Coordinator:  Michael Spinelli

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