Law students taking part in a mock trial demo

Mock Trial Society

The mission of the society is to cultivate ethical and intellectual trial advocates whose excellence in courtroom presence and ability will be recognized on both regional and national levels. Through rigorous preparation for student trial advocacy competitions, the society's members will gain a unique, invaluable courtroom education that will serve as a foundation for a successful legal career. By participating in the Mock Trial Society, members will obtain a comprehensive understanding of the Federal Rules of Evidence and the Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure. In addition, the society will ensure that its members are properly trained in all areas of trial advocacy and courtroom etiquette by keeping all members apprised of traditional and modern trial techniques.

Members are selected as second- and third-year law students through the Intramural Competition held during the Fall semester. Intramural competitors prepare a full trial, which includes an opening statement, two direct examinations, two cross examinations and a closing argument. The case is then presented before experienced trial attorneys who practice in the area. Students who receive the highest scores, and are willing to commit the necessary time, energy and dedication to become a member of the society, are invited to join as candidates.

Students who are selected for the team are given the opportunity to represent the School of Law in regional and national mock trial competitions and vest their membership on the society.

The 2013 Criminal Justice Trial Advocacy Competition will be held from Nov. 1 - 3, 2013. For more information, please see the competition application

Executive Board for 2013-2014
President:  Steven Landis
Executive Vice President for ABA Competition:  Amy Zurlo
Executive Vice President for Intramural Competition:  Kelly Anne Pearce
Treasurer:  Alexandra Byrd
Secretary:  Robert Shrage
Creative Director for ABA Competition:  Jonathan Jacobson

2009 American Association for Justice Student Trial Advocacy Competition, Providence Region
Finalists: James Cresswell, Chrysten Dufour, Natasha Rabinovich and Tom Leaf

2008 National Trial Competition, Region 1

Champions: Amy Calvo, Ryan O'Neill and Allison Worysz
Semi-Finalists: Sean McGuinness, Natalie Rezek and Jennifer Springer

2007 American Association for Justice Student Trial Advocacy Competition, Boston Region
Semi-Finalists: Casey Gatzki, Cara Gitlin, Justin Rindos and Kristin Stoop

2009 American Bar Association Competition
Best Closing Argument: James Belforti

2008 National Trial Competition, Region 1
Best Overall Advocate:Ryan O'Neill

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