Quinnipiac Second Amendment Club

Only a few years ago, SCOTUS ruled that the 2nd Amendment granted individuals the right to carry weapons for self-defense. A year later, it again ruled that this right was protected at the state and local levels via the 14th Amendment. Since then, there have been numerous cases starting to slowly work their way up the court system. This group focuses on pending litigation, legislation and legal arguments while serving the interest of the community by expanding our scope of knowledge and job potential.

The goals of the Quinnipiac Second Amendment Club (QSAC) are:

  • To sponsor speakers to discuss the legal elements at play--escalation, knowing your surroundings, innocent bystanders, etc.
  • To host a workshop on the Stand Your Ground legal concept
  • To sponsor gun control debates
  • Hold firearms safety classes
  • Invite guest speakers with attorneys specializing in gun litigation

Executive Board for 2013-2014
President:  David LaFollette
Executive Vice President:  Taylour Equi

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