Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association ("SBA") acts as the student government of the School of Law. Its purpose is to promote student views and protect student interests. The SBA serves as the official liaison between the students, faculty, and administration of the law school, as well as a vehicle for interactions and communications between alumni, the entire collegiate community of Quinnipiac University, and the greater community. Additionally, the SBA is the official liaison between the student body and the American Bar Association ("ABA").

The SBA serves the student body and student organizations by organizing, sponsoring and maintaining services, activities, groups and events that further the objectives of the SBA. Highlights of the SBA's programming include the Oktoberfest festival, the Halloween Party, and the annual Barrister's Ball.

SBA members also take part in the Day-One Mentoring program, which pairs incoming students with 2L, 3L and 4L mentors.

Learn more about SBA programs and activities on its blog or contact SBA President Erica Rocha at

2015-2016 Executive Board
President: Alyssa Vesco
Vice-President (full-time): Catherine Blair
Vice-President (part-time): Jake Giuliano
Treasurer: Andrew Rocco
Secretary: Samantha Phanngavong
Parliamentarian: Angela Bethoney
ABA Representative: Sara Dickson
Alumni Representatives: Matthew Martinez and Amanda Perry

3L Senators
Bobbi Borsellino
Sonal Bhatnagar
Maytte Caldero
Justin Durelli
Jack Groshen
Marissa McGill
Denise Krall
Ewa Wozniak

2L Senators
Cate Blair
Jennifer Flynn
Matthew Martinez
Lauren O'dell
Lily Schurra

1L Senators
Angela Bethony
Sara Dickson
Andrew Rocco
Harry Seay
Molly Wilcox
Jake Giuliano (part-time)
Samantha Phanngavong (part-time)

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