Contact Information

Director, Scholarly Reflection and Concentration/Capstone Course:
Thomas S. Murray, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Medical Sciences 

Concentration Capstone Coordinator:
Barbara Bergen, MA

Concentration Co-Coordinators:                                

Basic, Translational and Clinical Science Research                                
Lisa Cuchara
Mark Yeckel                                

Global, Public and Community Health                                
David Hill                               
Daren Anderson, Representative of the Weitzman Quality Institute of Community Health Center                                

Health Communications                                
Norbert Herzog  
Phillip Simon                               

Health Policy and Advocacy                                
Leonard Dwarica
Linda Ellis

Healthcare Management and Organizational Leadership                                
Aziz Benbrahim
Angela Mattie                                  

Medical Education
Lisa Coplit
Anne Dichele 

Medical Humanities                                
Richard Gonzalez
Nita Prasad

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