Course Goal:
The Scholarly Reflection and Capstone/Concentration Course is a personalized curriculum where students learn fundamental tools to engage in self-reflection, scientific inquiry and analysis, and life-long learning through course work and completion of a self-directed scholarly project in a selected area of concentration.

The Scholarly Reflection and Concentration/Capstone Course offers students a self-directed curriculum to:·

  • gain expertise in an area of interest.
  • perform independent scientific inquiry guided by a self-selected mentor.
  • engage in self-reflection and professional development through close reading of narrative pieces and narrative composition.

In the pre-clinical years, students learn the tools of research methodology and scientific inquiry through formal course work and gain expertise in an area of concentration by taking a selective course each semester starting in the spring of Year 1 (three total). A narrative medicine curricular theme engages students in how to organize and communicate information as well as in self-care and professional development.

Students initiate the capstone scholarly project in the Spring of Year 1 and continue the project, under the direction of a capstone mentor, throughout the remainder of the pre-clinical and clinical curriculum with eight weeks dedicated in Y4 to complete the project. This culminates in a poster or oral presentation at an interdisciplinary Student Research Day prior to graduation.

capstone curriculum

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