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BS in Marketing

The bachelor of science in marketing is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of marketing concepts and practices.

The marketing major combines core business courses and the technical skills of marketing. The curriculum includes courses such as MK 301 Internet Marketing, MK 334 Product & Pricing Strategy, MK 401 Marketing Strategy, MK 210 Consumer Behavior, MK 333 Marketing Channels and Distribution, MK 352 Retail Management, and MK 312 Advertising.

Marketing majors are encouraged to complete a minor in another department such as communications or art. A student chapter of the American Marketing Association is active on campus, and the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute offers opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience conducting survey research.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many internship opportunities that are available to Quinnipiac marketing students.

Graduates find career opportunities in a variety of businesses such as pharmaceutical manufacturers, financial institutions, high-tech firms, retailers, and small businesses. In addition, marketing career opportunities exist outside business organizations, in government, trade associations, health organizations, and not-for-profit institutions. The marketing program also provides students with the necessary prerequisites for graduate education.

Curriculum + Requirements

The bachelor of science in marketing degree requires the completion of 125 credits as outlined below:

Business Core Curriculum (46 credits)

University Curriculum (37 credits)

Marketing Core (18 credits):

Course Title Credits
MK 210 Consumer Behavior 3
MK 332 Integrated Marketing Communications 3
MK 333 Marketing Channels & Distribution 3
MK 334 Product and Pricing Strategy 3
MK 370 Marketing Research 3
MK 401 Marketing Strategy 3

Marketing Electives (6 credits from the following):

Course Title Credits
MK 301 Internet Marketing 3
MK 312 Advertising 3
MK 315 Media Planning 3
MK 324 Business-to-Business Marketing 3
MK 340 Database Marketing 3
MK 352 Retail Management 3
MK 355 Services Marketing 3
MK 383 Professional Selling and Sales Management 3
MK 450 Marketing History 3
MK 488 Marketing Internship 3
MK 497 Advertising Competition 3
IB 345 Global Supply Chain Management 3

Open Electives (18 credits)

Minor in Marketing

The marketing minor requires the completion of 18 credits, including:

  • MK 201 Marketing Principles (3 credits)
  • MK 210 Consumer Behavior (3 credits)
  • MK 370 Marketing Research (3 credits)
  • 9 additional credits of marketing courses approved by the chair of the department.