Arnold Bernhard Library Thesis Submission Guidelines

A student will need to submit two paper copies of their thesis to the library. The contact person is June DeGennaro, Collection Management Librarian, 582-8944

  • One copy will be sent to a bindery and bound in the QU thesis style. This copy must include the complete text of the thesis, including the approval or signature page. The bound copy will be cataloged and shelved within the library’s Theses Collection.
  • The second copy of the thesis will be mailed to the ProQuest Information and Learning Company. It will be digitized and made electronically available to the QU community. This copy should include the complete text of the thesis, excludingthe approval or signature page. The copy is returned to the student after digitization.
    • ProQuest requires a Publishing Agreement Form be filled out by the student/author. The library has copies of the agreement form and will be happy to help the student fill it out. The agreement gives ProQuest the right to include the thesis in its dissertation database, and to sell copies of the thesis. It pays a 10% royalty on the sale of a thesis. Royalty payments must exceed $10 per calendar year to be paid.
    • ProQuest provides a copyright registration form. This is an optional $45 purchase by the student.
    • ProQuest suggests these thesis preparation tips for electronic publication:

• Font size 12 in Arial, Helvetica, or Century Gothic fonts
• Print letter quality with dark black characters that are consistently clear and dense on single-sided, high-quality white paper, 8 1/2 “ x 11” size
• Double-spaced text, long quotations and footnotes may be single-spaced
• Minimum 1” margin on all sides of the page
• Choose a thesis title carefully to represent as accurately as possible the subject content of your thesis. Words from the title are access points for computerized researchers.
• Thesis title should use word substitutes for formulas, symbols, superscripts, Greek letters, or other non-alphabetical symbols.
• Write an abstract (succinct description of your work), limit to 150 words, include pertinent place names, names of persons, and other proper nouns. These are useful in computerized retrieval.

  • A student may submit additional copies which the library can arrange to be bound. The student bears the cost of the additional bound copies. The binding charge is $12 per copy. It is the responsibility of the student to determine if the faculty advisor and the School would like to keep a bound copy. The library does not pay for these bound copies.
  • The digitizing process and the bindery work may take 1-2 months to complete. The student will be notified by email when the copy sent to be digitized and the extra bound copies are received in the library. Whenever possible we prefer the student pick up their theses. An arrangement can be made if this is not possible

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