The mission of the Quinnipiac University Enriching Student Transitions (QUEST) program is to provide a means for first year underrepresented students to connect directly with peer and professional mentors to aid in their success and adjustment to their college environment. The program will develop opportunities for students to become acclimated to the campus and the local areas, as well as to develop their personal, academic, social, and cultural experiences through programming and guidance.

Who is a Q-Professional?

A faculty or staff who can council and advise the Q-Mentees during their transition; create bonding experiences; and offer social, academic, and professional guidance. 

Who is a Q-Mentor?

Any rising sophomore, junior, or senior can be a Q-Mentor. Q-Mentors should be informed peers who can offer guidance; listen actively; and point out campus resources and opportunities to their mentees.

Who is a Q-Mentee?

An underrepresented incoming freshman who wishes to learn from the knowledge and experiences of an older Bobcats and professional employees can be a mentee.

Requirements for Q-Mentees

  • Be a first-year student (first generation, student of color, or international student)
  • Be available to attend QUEST social and academic events
  • Be in touch with your Q-Mentor at least every two weeks (in person)
  • Meet weekly with family cluster of five plus your Q-Professional
  • Have a sincere interest in developing a relationship that supports your efforts towards graduation
  • Attend the Peer Support Program Orientation session

How do I apply?

Send an email to and we'll send you an application.