Payment Options

Quality, Private Higher Education is Affordable
We work hard to make your education affordable through value-priced tuition, flexible payment plans and financial assistance for the part time students.

Quinnipiac Tuition Assistance Program (QTAP)
Our QTAP was established especially for part-time adult students. Under this program, partial tuition awards can help you get started at Quinnipiac. Special consideration is given to students who lack other educational support or have special needs during a particular semester. Applications, which are easy to complete and do not require the extensive documentation of federally funded aid, are available in June for the fall semester and in November for the spring semester. Students must fill out an application each semester they wish to request aid. Please call 203-582-8612 for information and an application.

Federal Student Loans and Grants
If you are a matriculated student (formally accepted into a degree program), you may be eligible for federal loans and grants, even though you are going to college part-time. Five to six weeks are required for processing the FAFSA and CSS profile applications, so it is important to start the process early. Call the financial aid office at 203-582-8761 for information or visit the part-time financial aid page.

Employer Tuition Benefits
If you are currently eligible for educational benefits through your employer, you may be eligible to participate in the Quinnipiac University Employer Deferment Plan. The plan allows you to defer two-thirds of your tuition charges until five weeks after the last day of the semester to allow for time for tuition reimbursement checks to be issued to you by your employer. To participate, you must submit an original letter from your employer at the time of registration that verifies your participation in your company's tuition reimbursement plan during the semester for which you are registering. At registration you pay one-third of your tuition, plus fees which will include a $25 deferment fee, and sign a promissory note for the tuition balance. Promissory notes can be obtained under the forms heading on the bursar's page of the Quinnipiac website, by calling the bursar's office at 203-582-5263,  or by e-mail at Please consult your employer's human resources department about your educational benefit plan and tuition arrangements with Quinnipiac.

Online Payment Options
The University offers payment plans through Nelnet Business Solutions to help you meet educational expenses. Plans can be accessed online and are available on an annual or a semester basis. There is a charge of $75 to enroll in the payment plan of your choice.

The University also accepts MasterCard, American Express, and Discover/Novus credit cards and ACH (i.e. bank-to-bank transfers) as a form of online payment. The University will not accept credit card payments over the telephone or in person at any office on campus.

To make a payment online or to learn more about or enroll in a payment plan of your choice, click on the e-Cashier link below.

The No-Risk Enrollment Policy
Register for your first part-time course and, if you decide to withdraw for any reason within the first three weeks, receive a full refund. You must submit the No-Risk form at the time of registration. Contact the part-time admissions office for a copy of the form (203-582-8612). The No-Risk period varies in length for accelerated classes and summer session.

Dislocated Worker Program
In cooperation with the New Haven and Meriden-Middlesex Private Industry Councils, Quinnipiac offers certified dislocated workers wishing to explore new educational opportunities a one-course scholarship. Individuals who have been certified as dislocated workers should contact the New Haven or Meriden-Middlesex Private Industry Council for information and an application before making an appointment with the Office of Part-time Admissions. For information, call 203-582-8612.

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