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Adobor, Henry   --   Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy
Ahern, Todd   --   Assistant Professor of Psychology
Alexandru, Michaela   --   Part-Time Faculty
Asare, Anthony   --   Associate Professor of Marketing
Awudu, Iddrisu   --   Assistant Professor of Management

Bamford, Sarah Rebecca   --   Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Banach, Charmaine   --   Assistant Professor of Interactive Digital Design
Barratt, Lisa M.   --   Clinical Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Studies
Barrere, Cynthia   --   Professor of Nursing
Beckett, Ronald   --   Professor Emeritus
Bertozzi, Elena   --   Associate Professor of Game Design & Development
Betz, Adrienne   --   Associate Professor of Psychology
Bloom, Terry   --   Associate Dean of the School of Communications
Bondoc, Salvador   --   Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy
Botto, Todd   --   Professor of Athletic Training & Sports Medicine
Boucaud, Dwayne   --   Professor of Biomedical Sciences
Bourgault, Kristen   --   Part-Time Faculty
Boyd, Cory   --   Associate Professor of Nursing
Boylan-Elman, Maureen   --   Part-Time Faculty
Brooks, Charles   --   Professor of Marketing
Brown, Dennis   --   Clinical Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies
Budkofsky, Alyssa   --   Assistant Athletic Director -Academic Support
Burd, Amy   --   Part-Time Faculty

Cadden, David   --   Professor Emeritus
Callahan, Ewa   --   Associate Professor of Communications
Candler, John   --   Clinical Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Imaging
Catrino, Joseph   --   Assistant Dean for Career Development
Cavender, Monica   --   Assistant Professor of Education
Ceccucci, Wendy   --   Professor of Computer Information Systems
Chelikani, Surya   --   Assistant Professor of Finance
Clarke, Susan   --   Associate Professor of Education
Coe, Thomas   --   Associate Professor of Finance
Collins, Mark   --   Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Comerford, Carrie   --   Part-Time Faculty
Cuchara, Lisa   --   Professor of Biomedical Sciences

Daly, Kevin   --   Visiting Assistant Professor of Theater
Dawson, Asantewa   --   Instructor of Mathematics
Devine, Jessica   --   Assistant Professor of Education
Dodge, Jamey   --   Part-Time Faculty
Dunaway, Mary   --   Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems

Elahee, Mohammad   --   Professor of International Business
Erhart, Laura   --   Part-Time Faculty
Evans, Heather   --   Assistant Professor of Nursing

Foery, Raymond   --   Professor of Communications
Fowler, Susan   --   Part-Time Faculty
Friedman, Cara   --   Part-Time Faculty
Fullick, Julia   --   Assistant Professor of Management

Gaspar, Joseph   --   Assistant Professor of Management
Giordano, Shelley   --   Associate Dean of the School of Health Sciences
Gius, Mark   --   Professor of Economics
Glennon, Tara   --   Professor of Occupational Therapy
Gmeindl, Leanne   --   Part-Time Faculty
Golden, Kent   --   Instructor of Communications
Goralski, Margaret   --   Part-Time Faculty
Gray, Margaret   --   Assistant Professor of Nursing
Grindel, Bernard   --   Assistant Director of the Learning Commons
Gruhn, Paul   --   Part-Time Faculty
Guidone, Richard   --   Part-Time Faculty
Gura, Leslie   --   Part-Time Faculty

Hanley, Richard   --   Associate Professor of Journalism
Hastings, Pattie Belle   --   Professor of Interactive Digital Design
Helming, Mary   --   Professor of Nursing
Herman, Genifer   --   Part-Time Faculty
Hong, Eleanor   --   Part-Time Faculty
Howe, William   --   Part-Time Faculty

Jagiela, Christopher   --   Part-Time Faculty
Jasinski, Dale   --   Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy
Jellison, William   --   Associate Professor of Psychology
Johnson, Donn   --   Professor of Economics
Johnson, Erik   --   Assistant Professor of Economics
Jones, Kiku   --   Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems

Kack, Karita   --   Assistant Professor of Nursing
Kalm, Robert   --   Part-Time Faculty
Karosas, Laima   --   Clinical Professor of Nursing
Kauffman, Matthew   --   Part-Time Faculty
Kilic, Osman   --   Professor of Finance
Kuppusamy, Saravanan   --   Assistant Professor of Management

Larcada, Albert   --   Part-Time Faculty
Laskin, Alexander   --   Associate Professor of Public Relations
Latella, Donna   --   Professor of Occupational Therapy
Lee, King   --   Part-Time Faculty
Leisring, Penny   --   Professor of Psychology
Luersen, Theresa   --   Laboratory Instructor, Dept of Chemistry & Physical Sciences
Luoma, Patrice   --   Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy

Marchese, Courtney   --   Assistant Professor of Interactive Digital Design
Mattie, Angela   --   Associate Professor of Management
McCarthy, Richard   --   Professor of Computer Information Systems
McCaughern-Carucci, James   --   Part-Time Faculty
McGinnis, Courtney   --   Assistant Professor of Biology
McGuinn, Stephen   --   Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Meixell, Mary   --   Associate Professor of Management and Industrial Engineering
Meriano, Catherine   --   Professor of Occupational Therapy
Morra, John   --   Part-Time Faculty
Myrick, Karen   --   Assistant Professor of Nursing

Neidig, Christopher   --   Senior Instructional Designer / Project Mgr for QU Online
Nelan, Cornelius   --   Professor of Mathematics
Nelson, Amanda   --   Part-Time Faculty
Nicholson, Nicholas   --   Assistant Professor of Nursing
Norberg, Patricia   --   Associate Professor of Marketing/Advertising
Norbis, Mario   --   Professor of Management

O'Donnell, Terry   --   Clinical Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Studies
Ortiz-Walters, Rowena   --   Professor of Management

Pasqua, Ferdinand   --   Part-Time Faculty
Patidar, Nitish   --   Assistant Professor of Management
Paulsen, A.   --   Professor of Medical Sciences
Pavlak, Christina   --   Assistant Professor of Education
Pelletier, Natalie   --   Clinical Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Imaging
Place, Katie   --   Assistant Professor of Public Relations
Plano, Amy   --   Part-Time Faculty
Porter, Robert   --   Associate Professor of Finance
Prasad, Nita   --   Associate Professor of History
Price, Lynn   --   Professor of Nursing
Priestley, Tamara   --   Part-Time Faculty
Pylypiw, Harry   --   Professor of Chemistry

Rafferty, Jennifer   --   Associate Director of Instructional Design
Reid, Sean   --   Associate Dean of the School of Business
Rowe, Frances   --   Dir Instuct Design & Tech Supp
Roy, Abhik   --   Professor of Advertising

Sacco, Jennifer   --   Associate Professor of Political Science
Sanford, Rhea   --   Clinical Associate Professor of Nursing
Sardi, Lauren   --   Assistant Professor of Sociology
Saulnier, Kyle   --   Part-Time Faculty
Sawyer, Donald   --   Assistant Professor of Sociology
Schroder, Jacquelyn   --   Part-Time Faculty
Schwartz, Ruth   --   Assistant Professor of Education
Scozzafava, Jason   --   Part-Time Faculty
Seruya, Francine   --   Clinical Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy
Sheikh, Aamer   --   Associate Professor of Accounting
Simon, Phillip   --   Director of the Interactive Media Graduate Program
Sletcher, Michael   --   Part-Time Faculty
Smith, Betsey   --   Senior Associate Dean of Health Sciences
Sprinkle, Therese   --   Assistant Professor of Management
Steinle, Paul   --   Part-Time Faculty
Stewart, Carol   --   Part-Time Faculty
Subramanian, Ramesh   --   The Gabriel Ferrucci Prof of Computer Information Systems
Swineford, Lucas   --   Part-Time Faculty

Tai, Teresa   --   Associate Professor of Management
Thomas, W.   --   Professor of Law
Thompson, Judy   --   Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
Twomey, Teresa   --   Assistant Professor of Nursing

Ullinger, Jaime   --   Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Vance, David   --   Part-Time Faculty

Wahl, Cheryl   --   Part-Time Faculty
Walker, Amy   --   Assistant Professor of Journalism
Wheeler, Deborah   --   Part-Time Faculty
White, Dana   --   Clinical Asst Prof of Athletic Training & Sports Medicine
Williams, Thomas   --   Part-Time Faculty
Willis, Laura   --   Assistant Professor Public Relations/Health & Strategic Comm
Wilson, Christina   --   Instructional Technologist
Wolfe, Caitlin   --   Part-Time Faculty

Yanity, Molly   --   Assistant Professor of Journalism
Yawson, Robert   --   Assistant Professor of Management