Quinnipiac University offers a range of online undergraduate, graduate, doctorate and certificate programs specifically designed for working adults. View a complete list of online courses for the upcoming semester. We also offer summer courses for full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate students.

Online Undergraduate Programs

School of Health Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Science Studies - The bachelor of science in health science studies is a degree completion program that enables those with an associate's degree or 60 credits to apply earned credits towards a bachelor degree in health science studies.

School of Nursing

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing - This program prepares registered nurses with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to remain competitive in an ever-changing healthcare system.

Online Graduate Programs

School of Business

  • Master of Business Administration - The MBA is a 46-credit program that provides a broad professional education and acquaints students with the theories, principles and strategies needed for successful careers in business. MBA students have the option to pursue a track in health care management or a track in supply chain management.
  • Master of Science in Information Technology - The master of science in information technology is a 36-credit program designed for IT professionals who want to advance their careers while continuing to work within the information technology field.
  • Master of Science in Business Analytics - The master of science in business analytics is a 33-credit degree program designed to provide a specialized education to students who seek to achieve leadership positions within businesses and other organizations that require sophisticated analytics to achieve their goals.
  • Master of Science in Organizational Leadership - The master of science in organizational leadership is a 33-credit degree program for adults with undergraduate degrees and at least four years of work experience who want to prepare themselves for higher leadership roles.

School of Communications

  • Master of Science in Interactive Media - The master of science in interactive media is for media professionals who want to extend, enhance and apply their expertise to emerging information and communication technologies.
  • Master of Science in Journalism (online writing track) - this program offers students the practical training for these new forms of textual journalism while remaining true to the timeless principles of ethical practice, objectivity and balance, all in the context of crisp, clear and concise writing.
  • Master of Science in Sports Journalism (online writing track) - this program prepares students to use reason, analysis and advanced writing techniques to formulate engaging stories on the games, athletes and cultural and social forces circulating through amateur, collegiate and professional sports.

School of Education

  • Master of Science in Instructional Design - The master of science in instructional design prepares candidates to create effective digital materials for learning through the thoughtful use of cutting-edge technologies. 
  • Master of Science in Teacher Leadership - The master of science in teacher leadership is a 30-credit program that prepares teacher leaders who have a clear vision of the educated person and can work collaboratively with others toward aligning students' experiences and school programs to support that vision.

Online Doctorate Program

School of Health Sciences

  • Occupational Therapy Doctorate - The occupational therapy doctorate is designed for practicing registered occupational therapists who want to merge their experience and practical skills with prevailing professional knowledge and scholarship.

Online Certificate Programs

School of Communications

  • Advanced Graduate Certificate in Social Media - The advanced graduate certificate in social media is designed for professionals and leaders who want to gain a foundational underpinning as well as actionable tools and structures to deploy within the workplace.
  • Customized Corporate Social Media Certificate - This program is recommended for corporations and organizations who want to train their employees to deploy social media practices within an organization.

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