Social media is a growing force in business and commerce. The ability to take the pulse of the consumer market and communicate your brand and value proposition, in a coordinated and continuous process, is a powerful tool. Yet, for some, social media is still an elusive concept to monetize, much less form a strategy around. A successful corporate social media strategy requires the use of an integrated plan executed across departmental silos, roles and responsibilities.

Quinnipiac University Online can help your business develop a custom social media strategy while training your employees with the right tools, platforms and processes to deliver on that strategy. We begin with a conversation where we will determine your needs and goals. That conversation and the ensuing steps may lead to a customized proposal designed to help meet the educational needs of your organization. We invite you to contact us to set up an initial 15-minute phone conversation where we will outline each step in our customized corporate training process and choose the best way forward.

The Customized Corporate Training includes:

  1. A 15-minute informational call with a member of our corporate team
  2. Social Media Assessment - a key step in our process, a team of experts will visit your site, consult with your staff and draft a plan that will help you create a strategy
  3. Social Media Strategy - develop a social media strategy tailored to your business needs
  4. Social Media Training - key members of your team complete an existing or custom certificate program in social media
  5. Deployment - Once your staff members are trained, one of our consultants can manage your project plan and guide your team during implementation

To learn more about our pricing, process and experts, contact us at 1-855-473-4734

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