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Children with special needs are identified at much earlier ages today, increasing the need for teachers who possess significant knowledge of special education issues, interventions and accommodations. As inclusive classrooms become more the norm than the exception, it is essential for general classroom teachers to have more training in special education.

Quinnipiac’s Special Education Certificate of Completion program is designed to expose teachers to strategies for differentiation, collaboration and accommodations that will strengthen their practice in an inclusive setting. Additionally, teachers will become well versed in the laws that govern this area of education including IDEA, 504 and the ADA.

The Quinnipiac Advantage

The Special Education Certificate of Completion offers students several benefits:

  • The certificate gives students a competitive edge in the job market because schools often seek teachers with advanced training in special education
  • The additional course work required to earn the certificate deepens students’ understanding of children with special needs and issues related to special education.

The certificate is not a degree or licensure program, so by itself it will not certify candidates to teach special education. However, successful completion may allow students to apply credits earned toward a degree program or endorsement in special education.

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