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The Special Education Certificate of Completion is composed of 13 credits of special education courses. Graduates will earn a separate Special Education Certificate of Completion document. Courses are only offered online, with the exception of SPED 552 and 582, which can be taken either online or on campus.

Please note: Teachers who have not taken at least one special education course as part of their certification will be required to take an additional 3-credit course and may choose from the following:

  • SPED 552 Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom
  • SPED 582 Special Education

Core Courses (13 credits):

Course Title Credits
SPED 545 Introduction to the Exceptional Child 4
SPED 565 Characteristics of Students with Emotional and Learning Disabilities 4
SPED 566 Autism and Related Communication Disorders 4
SPED 567 Independent Research in Special Education 1

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