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The curriculum consists of 32 credits broken down below.

If you will be entering the program with a bachelor’s degree, please learn more about curriculum requirements.

Course Title Credits
Year One: Fall
OT 650 Application of Theory and Exploration of Occupation 3
OT 651 Systems 3
Year One: Spring
OT 652 Doctoral Seminar 2
OT 653 Policy & Ethics 2
OT 654 Critical Inquiry of Scholarship I 3
Year One: Summer
OT 655 Professional Seminar (Residency Seminar) 4
OT 656 Critical Inquiry of Scholarship II 3
Year Two: Fall
(choose one: OT 660, OT 661 or OT 662)
OT 660 Innovations and Emerging Issues in Community-based Services/Children & Youth 3
OT 661 Innovations and Emerging Issues in Environmental Adaptations 3
OT 662 Innovations and Emerging Issues in Adult Rehabilitation & Wellness 3
OT 680 Capstone I 3
Year Two: Spring
(choose one: OT 670, OT 671 or OT 672)
OT 670 Leadership in Business 3
OT 671 Leadership in Higher Education 3
OT 672 Leadership in Practice 3
OT 681 Capstone II 3

Residency requirements: All students will be required to attend one summer course (OT 655 Professional Seminar, 4 credits) at Quinnipiac University for the duration of one week. Students will also be required to attend the Symposium Day at the completion of the second year in order to present his/her final project.

Each student will designate a chosen track at the end of the first year of study. Tracks are designed to offer the students the ability to focus on a particular area of interest. The three tracks are designed to cover a variety of populations and settings, allowing the student latitude to focus study to a particular area within the track if desired. The tracks are as follows:

  1. Children & Youth: Continuum of Participation
  2. Environmental Adaptations
  3. Adult Healthcare Continuum: Rehabilitation, Community & Wellness

Track courses
Required courses: students must take one innovations and emerging issues course, one leadership course, and two capstone courses.

  • OT 660/661/662 Innovations and Emerging Issues (3cr)
  • OT 670/671/672 Leadership (3cr)
  • OT 680 Capstone I (3cr)
  • OT 681 Capstone II (3cr)

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