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With the production track, students learn essential interactive techniques that are used throughout the production process to develop content for digital distribution. Through a balance of courses in interactive theory, media production, programming, Web design, and animation, students learn how to transform traditional media and original content into multimedia productions. Students develop skills that media companies look for as they move away from traditional media.

Who chooses the production track?

Students in the production track come from varied backgrounds. Some are visual designers, while others create videos or films. They are photographers and musicians, like to code, and are creative. These students want to make content interactive. They care about how online content looks and want to make an impact on the user experience. They understand the need for excellent writing skills. They are not afraid to learn and use digital imaging and video programs.

Production students like getting under the hood to learn how Web pages and mobile platforms work. They want to understand Web languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and how these technologies work together to make online content. They will appreciate the ethical and policy issues confronting the use of interactive media in today's digital world.

Production Track Courses

Core courses (18 credits):

Course Title Credits
ICM 501 Theories of Interactive Media 3
ICM 506 Writing for Interactive Media 3
ICM 512 User Centered Design 3
ICM 552 Internet Ethics and Policy 3
ICM 590 Project Planning 3
ICM 601 Master's Capstone 3
or ICM 602 Thesis 3

Production track required courses (12 credits):

Course Title Credits
ICM 502 Visual Design 3
ICM 504 Interactive Animation 3
ICM 505 Interactive Techniques 3
ICM 508 Media Production 3

Electives, choose two (6 credits):

Course Title Credits
ICM 503 Advanced Visual Design 3
ICM 507 Advanced Interactive Techniques 3
ICM 509 Advanced Media Production 3
ICM 513 Advanced User Centered Design 3
ICM 515 Advanced Interactive Animation 3
ICM 516 Advanced Interactive Animation/Media 3
ICM 522 Social Media Platforms, Concepts and Usage 3
ICM 524 Social Media Analytics 3
ICM 526 Community Management 3
ICM 527 Strategic Planning 3
ICM 530 Independent Study 3
ICM 531 Graduate Internship 3

Electives offered as needed.

Courses and curriculum requirements are subject to change.

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