Program Structure and Convenient Options

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The program is offered fully online or as a blend of on-campus and online courses. For the blended course sequence, three courses are offered on-campus: in the fall ICM 501, Theories of Interactive Media, and ICM 508, Media Production; in the spring and ICM 506, Writing for Interactive Media. The number of on-campus courses available to a student depends on what semester they start the program and their course load. Both on-campus and online courses are subject to change.

Students may complete the program in two years, either full or part-time, by completing six courses per calendar year. The program follows a 14-week fall/spring course semester sequence. A selection of 12-week courses is offered during the summer for part-time students who want to finish in two years. Full-time students can also take summer courses and finish in one and a half years. Fall, spring and summer starts are available.

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