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An Innovative Approach to Journalism
Non-fiction writing – yes, writing in the age of viral videos – is one of the most fertile areas of entrepreneurial activity in contemporary news media. Who knew? Start-ups such as, Vox Media, The Verge, BuzzFeed, Gawker and Pando Daily are all pursuing creative approaches that are expertly fit for posting. And we are, too.

The graduate program in journalism offers robust, practical training in the art and science of information analysis, reporting and writing for emerging news media firms that require fresh perspectives within the timeless principles of ethical practice. The program challenges students to develop and refine story ideas through creative reasoning and observation, to analyze data and public documents, to wisely conduct interviews, and above all, to write well. In short, our program focuses on preparing students for the daily test-of-strength that is news reporting in the 21st century.

Previous journalism experience is not required.

Program Overview
Quinnipiac's MS in Journalism program offers two tracks: an online writing track and an on-campus broadcast/multimedia track. Those interested in pursuing the broadcast/multimedia track should apply through Graduate Admissions

The online writing track prepares students to use reason, analysis, and concise, clear writing to illuminate the world with compelling stories on events and trends of the day. In this program, students will learn to:
  • Understand professional journalistic practices, ethical standards and technologies and be able to apply reason to develop ideas within these structures.
  • Analyze information based on journalistic practices of research, interviews and observation.
  • Evaluate information in determining the story's narrative structure and reach via social media and other applications.
  • Create a story that informs, enlightens, entertains and is useful to the reader or audience within the structure of professional journalistic practices, ethical standards, technologies, and creative vitality
Our MS in journalism program received "perfect satisfaction scores" for Intellectual Excitement, Quality of Instruction and Faculty Commitment, according to the February 2012 MS in Journalism Alumni Survey Analysis conducted by Hanover Research. The analysis also found that more than 75 percent of Quinnipiac's journalism program alumni are engaged in the professional practice of journalism, showing that we are calibrated to the needs of professional news media organizations and, importantly, start-ups seeking to move the job of news reporting to the next generation of readers.

Start Dates: Fall (late August), Spring (late January)