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Students must complete 36 credits for the master of science in journalism–writing track. Full-time students can complete the program in one calendar year. Part-time students can do it in two.

Required Core Courses (33 credits)
Course Title Credits
JRN 550 Sportswriting Traditions 3
JRN 560 Multimedia Sports Reporting 3
JRN 562 Sports Media Law & Ethics 3
JRN 563 Sports Analytics 3
JRN 573 Sports Literature 3
JRN 574 Crafting the Sports Feature 3
JRN 580 Investigative Journalism 3
JRN 588 Researching & Writing the Sports Documentary 3
JRN 589 Critical Issues in Sports 3
JRN 595 Sports Clinical (Writing) 3
JRN 601/602 Master's Project or Thesis 3
Elective Courses (3 credits)
JRN 500 Special Topics 3
JRN 528 Information Graphics & Design 3
JRN 530 Independent Study 3
JRN 531 Internship 3
JRN 582 American Sports History 3

Students may take any course not listed as a requirement in any track or in any School of Communications program with permission from the program director. Electives are offered on an as-needed basis and may not be available during a given student's program of study.

Courses and curriculum requirements are subject to change.

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