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The bachelor of science in nursing program consists of 120 credits.

Advanced Placement Credits - Students with an associate's degree in nursing may transfer between 60-68 credits for this program. Those students who transfer 60 credits can make up the deficit with additional transfer elective credits or electives taken at QU.

Advanced Core Credits - BSN completion students take the 20-credit advanced core. The advanced core reflects the aims and goals of the traditional University Curriculum and the Essential Learning Outcomes while acknowledging the prior general education work completed at the associate’s degree level. Five 4-credit courses are completed online in seven-week blocks that are designed to move students through in cohorts. Students can complete up to 8 credits during the fall and spring semesters and up to 7 credits in the summer. The core courses listed below are taken by degree completion students in the School of Nursing.

Nursing Major Requirements - Students will take 32 required credits for the nursing major of which 29 credits will be nursing courses (29 credits). All nursing courses are offered online.

Open Elective - The remaining 3 credits allow students to pursue an elective of their choice.

Graduation Requirement: 120 credits

  • Transfer Credit from Associate's Degree - 68 credits*
  • Quinnipiac Advanced Core Courses - 20 credits
  • Quinnipiac Required Nursing Courses - 29 credits
  • Elective(s) - 3 credits

Total: 120 credits - If only 60 transfer credits are awarded, 8 credits of transfer credit and/or open electives are required.

Part-time BSN Completion Curriculum

Advanced Core Courses
Course Title Credits
HS 391 Colonizing the Body 4
HS 394 Doctors, Diseases, and Death in the Western World 4
IDD 205 Visual Thinking: Practice and Process 4
PO 301 Critical Thinking About Politics 4
PO 302 The Global Civic Dilemma 4
Required Courses
NUR 380 Health Promotion & Wellness 3
NUR 382 Nursing Science & Information Literacy 3
NUR 475* Practice Experience I 1
NUR 477* Practice Experience II 1
NUR 478 Research and Evidence-Based Nursing Practice 2
NUR 479* Practice Experience III 1
NUR 480 Interprofessional Practice and Quality Improvement 3
NUR 482 Health Disparities in Vulnerable Populations 2
NUR 484 Community and Public Health Nursing 3
NUR 486 Contemporary Issues and Roles in Nursing Practice 3
NUR 540 Educational Principles for the Health Care Professional 3
NUR 544 Introduction to Informatics 3
NUR 602 Principles of Ethical Theory in Nursing 1
Open Elective 3

*Practice Experiences: The curriculum includes three one-credit practice experiences (NUR 475, NUR 477 and NUR 479). Students design their own practice experiences based upon the associated course content. Additionally, students are expected to make their own arrangements in appropriate agencies to complete their practice experience objectives.


RN Licensure
Entering students, including those from schools outside the U.S., are required to have proof of an active registered nurse (RN) license. Only new graduates from U.S. associate degree or diploma programs may request a one-semester extension to pass the NCLEX-RN®.

Foreign Degree or Diploma in Nursing
A complete course-by-course evaluation of a foreign degree or diploma in nursing must be completed by a credential evaluation service that follows the standards of recognized national organizations of foreign credential evaluators. Sealed transcript evaluations should be sent directly to the QU Online Admissions Office. Once received, your application for admission will be processed.

Background Check
A completed criminal background check is required of each student enrolled in the School of Nursing. The University currently uses a third-party vendor to conduct background checks for students in all of our health professional programs. Since background checks vary, all undergraduate and graduate nursing students must obtain the background check from the Quinnipiac University vendor regardless of whether they have had additional checks at their place of employment. Further details about cost and procedures will be provided by QU Online. The criminal background check policy is posted on the RN-BSN Nursing Student Community Blackboard website. Students who do not pass the background check may not be able to fully matriculate into the RN-BSN program. Students are permitted to register for first semester classes once the background check has cleared.

Health Requirements
Submission of documentation of a physical examination and PPD on the form supplied by the School of Nursing is required of all students prior to beginning the practice experiences and annually thereafter. If the students has a positive PPD or has previously received BCG vaccine, a chest X-ray is required. Documentation of hepatitis B vaccination (or signed waiver declining immunization), proof of immunity to measles, mumps, rubella and varicella, and current tetanus booster is required.

Professional attire and QU identification are essential during all practice experiences. Students will receive one name badge/pin and will be charged for subsequent replacements.

Liability Insurance
Liability insurance is considered optional as students are covered by the University insurance. Students with their own liability insurance should submit a legible copy of the front page of the insurance policy, showing effective dates, and, if available, a copy of both sides of the insurance certification card to the School of Nursing Clinical Coordinators prior to beginning the practice experiences.

CPR Certification
CPR Certification for the Health Care Provider must be obtained and submitted to the School of Nursing before enrolling in any practice experience course and kept current through graduation from the program.

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