Cost of Attendance

There are two categories of costs in your total budget:

1) Direct costs for which you receive a billing statement from the Quinnipiac University Office of Student Accounts such as tuition, student fees, course fees, and applicable registration fees.

2) Indirect costs you may incur but for which you do not receive a billing statement such as books, supplies, personal expenses, transportation expenses and off-campus living expenses.

These estimates are for educational expenses and are, therefore, used when calculating financial aid eligibility. It is important to note that you will only be billed for the direct costs at Quinnipiac University.

Direct Costs: (Based on 2013 charges)
Tuition: Per credit charge based upon program of study
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Fees: $37 per credit, not to exceed $333 semester student fee
$25 registration fee for summer courses


Indirect Costs: (Based on 2013 charges)

Books & Supplies: $350 to $3,400 annually depending on program of study
Transportation: $208 to $900 per month depending on program of study
Living Expenses: $1,844 per month (off-campus and on-campus)
$894 per month (at home with parents)
Miscellaneous Expenses: $350 to $2,500 annually depending on program of study
Budget Periods: 3 months (summer only)
7 months (summer/fall or spring/summer)
9 months (fall/spring)
12 months (full year with summer included)

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