When we review applicants for admission, we look for a strong performance in a college preparatory curriculum.

High School Courses
We look at your grade patterns from grades 9 - 11. Your junior year courses and grades are probably the most important as they are the most recent work you have completed at the time of your application. We also look at what you are taking in your senior year, along with your first quarter grades. Students who are admitted are expected to continue with the same academic excellence through to graduation. Learn more about the college preparatory curriculum.

There is no specific grade point average or SAT score that is required. On average, strong applicants have:

  • a B or stronger average (average GPA of 3.3) in high school
  • an SAT score range of 1080 to 1240 (this is the range of the 25th to the 75th percentile of the incoming class)

SAT I Reasoning Test or ACT scores are important factors in the selection process. Please submit all scores for tests taken. Although you may opt to choose the "score choice" option when taking the SAT, we value the effort involved in taking the test itself and we will select the highest critical reading, math and writing scores when reviewing your file. We recommend that you do not select "score choice."

Personal Essay
Your essay can be on any topic you choose, and its purpose is to help us learn more about you as an individual person and student.

A letter of recommendation from your guidance counselor (and perhaps a teacher) helps us understand your experiences in your high school setting.

If you have any questions about the admission process, please email the Office of Admissions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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