Virtually all FAFSAs are now filed online and our families tell us that completing a FAFSA online is much easier than completing one manually.  Some of the benefits of completing your FAFSA online are:

  • Your application will go through a series of edit checks to help eliminate errors
  • Your application will be processed in days as opposed to 4 - 6 weeks
  • You can make changes, additions, deletions, and corrections in minutes
  • You can track the status of your application
  • It's easy!

In order to file online, just click on the icon below and follow the directions.

FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid


Prior to completing a FAFSA online, you will need to obtain a PIN# which is unique to you and is your 4-digit electronic signature for various federal forms including your FAFSA.  Each person who would normally sign the FAFSA will need a PIN# which can be obtained by going to: A PIN# can be obtained at any time and takes only minutes to request.

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