Joseph M. Catrino

"Quinnipiac University is a very supportive and fun place to work and grow professionally."

Reap the benefits

"The culture, community-feel and friendly environment make Quinnipiac University an attractive place to work. The vacation and benefits (especially the retirement plan) are exceptionally appealing, as well. Candidates in my field would enjoy the decentralized career development approach and flexibility to implement plans and programming for their student demographic. Having an individual budget to manage your specific career services is also a major benefit. Most of my counterparts at other schools and universities do not have that luxury."

Get involved

"Quinnipiac has fully supported my personal and professional goals throughout my time here. I have been encouraged to present at conferences and develop my personal and professional skill sets. The university also has a lot of programs, events and key announcements that allow employees to interact and collaborate. The University is extremely supportive of employee engagement at events and programs. Building this collaborative spirit makes Quinnipiac a great place to work and thrive professionally."

Receive support

"My work/life balance is pretty good. My department and dean are extremely understanding of things that may come up with my kids or my personal life. I have worked at a few different places where this was not the case. Having a wife and two young children, there are certain responsibilities that are required and Quinnipiac has been nothing but supportive."

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