About our Faculty

Many of the members of the Department of Psychology have active research programs, and all have research interests. As the science of psychology is at the heart of our psychology major, student involvement in research is encouraged.

The following is a list of select faculty members and their research interests:

Todd H. Ahern
Social and behavioral neuroscience; family dynamics; sexual differentiation; genetics; postnatal brain development; parenting behavior

Adrienne Betz
Behavioral and cognitive neuroscience; psychopharmacology; molecular psychiatry; operant conditioning

Carrie Bulger
Worker attitudes; occupational health and stress; work/nonwork interface; sexual harassment; attitudes toward affirmative action; labor union participation and leadership; self-efficacy

Anne Eisbach
Children's developing knowledge about how the mind works, especially how thinking works; children's growing understanding of ideas about diversity; children's recognition of the mind's distractible nature; children's knowledge of the strategies one can use to deal with distraction

Michele Hoffnung
Feminist identity and its development; career and motherhood conflict and balance; transition to motherhood; adult women's development

William Jellison
Positive social identity formation among members of stigmatized groups; functions served by negative attitudes towards stigmatized groups; impression-management techniques among members of stigmatized groups

Penny Leisring
Development, maintenance and effects of aggressive behavior across the life span; psychological and physical partner violence perpetrated by male and female partners; parenting styles and their relationship to children's aggressive and oppositional behavior

Paul LoCasto
Speech perception; cognitive psychology; psycholinguistics; cognitive neuroscience of language

Cornelius Meyer
Brain and behavior; steroid receptors and neural plasticity

Thomas Pruzinsky
Body image; psychological aspects of reconstructive plastic surgery; mindfulness based forms of intervention; positive psychology; Buddhist psychology

Shar Walbaum
Prospective memory; metamemory; idiosyncratic memory strategies; practical aspects of memory; history of asylums; history of time

Angela Walker
Mentoring; workplace inequality; organizational diversity

List of department faculty

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