Minor in Theater Design + Production

The theater design and production minor gives students an opportunity to explore behind the scenes in hands-on courses that offer experiential learning in all areas of technical theater. Carpentry, painting, drawing, designing, building, sewing, wiring, sound engineering and problem solving are all a part of this minor.

Required Courses (12 credits)
DR 140 Stagecraft (3 credits)
DR 307 Drafting and Rendering (3 credits)
plus two of the following:
DR 340, 341 or 342 Scenic, Lighting or Costume Design (3 credits each)

Electives (6 credits)
Any two 100-400 level DR courses (3 credits each)
Students may count up to 3 credits of practicum as electives toward the technical theater minor.

Performing Arts Workshop
The department invites participation in musical performance workshops, which carry an optional 1 academic credit and which can be repeated up to a maximum of 6 credits, the equivalent of two electives in liberal arts. These workshops include:

  • MU 190 Quinnipiac Singers
  • MU 191 Hamden Symphony Orchestra
  • MU 194 Jazz Ensemble
  • MU 140 Applied Studio Lessons

For more information, please contact Crystal Brian, professor of theater, at 203-582-8394 or crystal.brian@quinnipiac.edu.

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