The School of Communications presents the Fred Friendly First Amendment Award each year to honor those who have shown courage and forthrightness in preserving the rights set forth in the First Amendment. The award bears the name of the former CBS News president and champion of freedom of speech.

The School of Communications also has a Fred Friendly Professorship. The Fred Friendly Professorship is a permanent position in the School of Communications.

Past Fred Friendly First Amendment Award Recipients:

Christiane Amanpour Robert MacNeil
Tom Bettag Bill Moyers
Tom Brokaw Scott Pelley
David Fanning Martha Raddatz
Charles Gibson Dan Rather
Don Hewitt Tim Russert
Gwen Ifill Morley Safer
Peter Jennings Bob Schieffer
Ted Koppel Lesley Stahl
Steve Kroft Mike Wallace
Jim Lehrer Barbara Walters

Read a story and see photos from the latest award presentations
David Fanning (2011)
Gwen Ifill (2010)
Scott Pelley (2013)
Martha Raddatz (2012)
Barbara Walters (2014)

For more information about the annual award, please contact the School of Communications, which is located in the Ed McMahon Mass Communications Center, at 203-582-8974.

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